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Covington, KY Skunk Removal (41011)

February 26th, 2015

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For skunk removal in Covington, KY (41011) or anywhere in northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, or southeast IN, call Tri-State Wildlife Management at (859) 635-0037

Skunk Removal Covington KY Tri-State Wildlife Management

Covington, KY Skunk Removal (41011):  If you have an encounter with a skunk, it can be a bit unsettling. Skunks are notorious for emitting a strong, foul odor when they feel cornered or threatened. For that reason, people want to get away from a skunk just as much as the skunk wants to get away from them. If you spot a skunk in your yard or if you smell a strong skunk spray coming from your property, you may have a skunk(s) denning nearby. Another possibility is that a skunk has died nearby, which would cause a continual foul odor until fully decomposed, which can take up to a couple of years.

January and February is the skunk mating season, so males are traveling long distances to find mates. If you’re lucky, a skunk you see on your property could just be a passerby. Usually when a customer calls Tri-State Wildlife Management about a skunk problem, it’s because they smell the skunk rather than see it. During the winter months, skunks become more dormant, although they do not hibernate. Males typically den by themselves, but females can den in groups up to 12.

Earlier this week, Andrew, Tri-State Wildlife Management’s technician, went on an interesting skunk call. A customer called reporting a strong skunk smell coming from his cellar. In order to gain access to the cellar (the stairway had previously been blocked off when an addition was made on the house), the homeowner cut an opening in the floor.  When Andrew arrived, he lowered himself down the hole to find two skunks. One skunk had already expired, but the other was still alive. When a skunk dies, it’s anal scent gland leaks during the decay process, creating a long-lasting, poignant odor. The skunks had gained entry through an opening in the foundation but could not climb back out.

The incident earlier in the week was not a typical skunk call. Normally, Tri-State Wildlife Management determines that skunks are denning under porches, decks, stoops, or sheds. Another common situation is that a skunk will fall in a window well and not be able to get back out. Regardless of the situation, Tri-State Wildlife Management has the right experience and is equipped for any skunk scenario. At Tri-State Wildlife Management, we offer complete removal, clean-up and deodorization of buildings and materials that have been contaminated or damaged by skunks. We also go a step further by offering repair and prevention services. We offer a long term solution to your skunk issues, including habitat alteration and customer education.

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For skunk removal in Covington, KY (41011) or anywhere in northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, or southeast IN, call Tri-State Wildlife Management at (859) 635-0037

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