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Erlanger, KY Bat Removal (41018)

March 17th, 2015

For bat removal in Erlanger, KY, or anywhere in northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, or southeast Indiana, call Tri-State Wildlife Management at (859) 635-0037 or (513) 853-0037.

Erlanger, KY (41018)  Bat Removal Tri-State Wildlife Management Tri-State Wildlife Management is fully insured, and we stand behind all our work

Erlanger, KY Bat Removal (41018): The recent warm weather seems to have pushed everyone out of doors. Yesterday evening, the sidewalks and parks were teeming with people and pets, eagerly enjoying the freedom that comes every year when winter is finally over. Families were grilling and relaxing outside, while kids were riding bikes and playing on swing sets. Some trees are budding, and the earliest spring flowers are blooming. It seems the warmth breathed new life into everyone and everything. This is also the time of year when wildlife becomes more active. Just to give a few examples, groundhogs are venturing out of their burrows more frequently and for longer periods of times, squirrels can be seen in abundance scampering about, and raccoons are becoming more active at nighttime. Bats are also becoming active now that the cold weather is behind us.

Tri-State Wildlife Management is in the process of excluding bats from a handful of houses and a gymnasium, and we anticipate receiving an influx of bat calls in the coming one or two weeks if the weather stays on the mild side. Here’s why: The warm weather brings with it plenty of bugs and insects, which is the main diet of bats. As homeowners are outside doing evening chores or relaxing on the deck, they may spot bats flying out of their home. Most people do not even realize that their home was susceptible to bat activity; however, bats can enter and exit any hole or gap the size of a quarter or bigger, so most go undetected.

Tri-State Wildlife Management’s technician has the experience and expertise to inspect your home for all bat entries and at risk areas. As a full service company, we initiate an Integrated Wildlife Management Program beginning with an inspection and customer education, followed by exclusion of bats and repair of all wildlife damage areas . TSWM also offers prevention, restoration, and cleanup services.

Tri-State Wildlife Management uses a variety of products and methods for bat repairs, prevention, and restoration.  TSWM seals homes and businesses with specialized wildlife restoration products, installs custom and standard chimney caps, and installs vent screens/coverings. When bat cleanup services are needed or desired, it typically involves the removal of bat droppings and contaminated debris from attics or other bat invaded areas.

Since bats are a protected species, removal should be done by a trained professional, such as our trained technicians. We strive for the most humane and environmentally effective techniques for dealing with wildlife problems. Tri-State Wildlife Management’s use of modern innovative methods provides sound wildlife management services to ensure the protection of our customers’ investments and health.

Tri-State Wildlife Management is Certified Bat Standard Compliant by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association.

Tri-State Wildlife Management – Protecting You, Your Property, and Your Investment

For bat removal in Erlanger, KY, or anywhere in northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, or southeast Indiana, call Tri-State Wildlife Management at (859) 635-0037 or (513) 853-0037.

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