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October 5th, 2016

For bat removal and exclusion in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati or Southeast Indiana, call the professionals at Tri-State Wildlife Management!  (859) 635-0037

Bat Removal Covington KY

The courteous staff at Tri-State Wildlife Management (TSWM) will work for you to provide a cost effective solution to your bat or wildlife intrusion and/or damage issue. As a full service company, we will initiate an Integrated Management Plan beginning with an inspection and customer education followed by bat removal and exclusion of intrusive bats or wildlife, clean-up, repair/restoration and prevention.

Early fall is a busy time for Tri-State Wildlife Management, as we continue to remove bats from homes and make repairs to exclude them for good!  Resolving a bat issue in a home or structure is time sensitive work. TSWM does not remove bats by trapping them; instead, our techniques allow bats to exit your attic while prohibiting reentry. By the time all bats have left your attic, TSWM finishes sealing up your home to prevent bat access. In order to make your entire home as bat-deterrent as possible, TSWM must finish all sealing before cold weather sets in. Once bats begin hibernating in your attic this winter, final repair work must be put on hold until spring when hibernation has ended. Of course it is best to complete the exclusion process now so bats cannot use your attic as their hibernating roost site.

Some of the telltale signs that you have a bat problem include dark marks near their entry point and bat guano below an entry point. You may also see bats leaving their roost at dusk to feed on flying insects. Bats can often go undetected by property owners and residents, so it may be years before you realize you have a bat problem. At that point, you may be dealing with generations of bats that often use the same roost year after year. In some of the worst cases, you may smell bat latrines (pile of guano and urine) from a living area, or notice a stain on the ceiling or wall.

In addition to removal/exclusion services, Tri-State Wildlife Management (TSWM) also offers full and partial attic cleanouts. TSWM employees are trained in safe and effective methods of removing bat guano and contaminated insulation. Due to the risk of exposure to diseases such as histoplasmosis, proper protective gear and equipment is vital to a safe and effective cleanout.

Bats pose health/hygiene concerns including bat bugs, rabies, and histoplasmosis. Although bat bugs pose no serious health threat, just like bed bugs, they are a parasitic nuisance that nobody wants to live with. When bats transmit rabies, it is most typically through a bite. If bitten, the bat should always be tested if it can be caught. If the bat is not caught, or if it tests positive for rabies, rabies shots must be taken. Without treatment, rabies ends in death. Sometimes a bat is found in the living space of a home. If the bat had access to children or anyone who may not know/may not be able to communicate that they’ve been bitten, rabies shots are encouraged. Although the most serious, rabies is not the most common threat that bats pose. Histoplasmosis is a common lung disease caused by a fungus that grows on guano. Again, it is important to always wear the proper protective gear when in the same vicinity as bat guano, as the fungus is easily disturbed.

We strive for the most humane and environmentally effective techniques for dealing with bats and wildlife problems. Tri-State Wildlife Management’s use of modern innovative methods provides sound wildlife management services to ensure the protection of our customers’ investments and health. TSWM is fully licensed and insured, and we stand behind all our work.


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