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April 25th, 2017

Tri-State Wildlife Management is a Northern Kentucky Bat Control Company, offering bat inspections, removal, exclusion, repair, prevention, and cleanouts. Call us today at (859) 635-0037

Bats are great mammals to have around, as they hunt mosquitoes and other insects at dusk, just when insects’ presence are at their climax. However, bats become unwelcome guests when they find a nice comfortable home in your home or business, entering through construction gaps, unsecured louver vents, chimneys, or any hole larger than 3/8 inches. If your home or business is occupied by bats, you may witness bats going in and out, or bat droppings (guano) underneath the bats’ main entrance(s). Homes and buildings are great places for bats to use as hibernating sites and as maternal roosts (a place to raise their young before they are able to fly).

Northern Kentucky Bat Control Company

What should you do if you find yourself sharing your home or business with bats? Tri-State Wildlife Management (TSWM) is your solution to your bat problem. Our courteous staff will work for you to provide a cost effective solution to your bat intrusion or damage issue. As a full service company, we initiate an Integrated Management Plan beginning with a full bat inspection and customer education followed by bat removal and exclusionclean-up, repair/restoration and prevention. The removal process used by TSWM allows for bats to exit your attic while preventing reentry. During this process, no bats are harmed and they easily find another place to lodge.

Bats are protected under federal and state law; however, TSWM has the expertise and experience to offer legal and humane exclusions and repairs. A bat’s seasonal cycle, such as roosting and dispersal periods, affect how and when they can be removed from your home or business. For example, TSWM will not seal up the main bat entry into your attic if juveniles are too young to fly, or if bats are hibernating. In both circumstances, bats will be trapped inside, causing unnecessary death, as well as an associated odor. In the winter, full bat exclusion is not permissible until mild nighttime temperatures return in early spring. Sometimes we experience a 1-2 week warm spell in the winter. If this happens, TSWM can take the opportunity to fully exclude bats. When temperatures warm up, bats leave their hibernation site to hunt, therefore ensuring no bats are trapped inside.

The adult females in a bat colony have not born pups just yet, but we are nearing that time. April is the perfect time to exclude bats from your home, before pups are born. After young are born, TSWM can continue preliminary exclusion work; however, the full exclusion process must be out on hold until all juveniles are able to fly.

Since bats are persistent, they often attempt to use new entry points into a structure after their main entry is sealed. Tri-State Wildlife Management offers effective solutions to this issue as part of your Integrated Management Plan. The slightest construction gap or vulnerable area on your home can become another bat entry, so TSWM repairs and seals all at-risk areas. All attics if not sealed properly run the risk of needing bat removal at one time or another. A contractor’s or homeowner’s repairs and materials may not keep bats out of your home. Wildlife grade materials properly installed by TSWM are guaranteed. When addressing a bat issue in your home or business, best practices should always be used. The experienced professionals at Tri-State Wildlife Management will provide you with a cost effective solution to your bat issue.

To resolve your bat issue before young are born, call Tri-State Wildlife Management today to set up an inspection appointment. (859) 635-0037

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