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Community Education

Out of Control Wildlife/Tri-State Wildlife Management

Out of Control Wildlife/Tri-State Wildlife Management is committed to supporting our community and developing programs that support getting children and their parents involved with the great outdoors and our abundant wildlife. From school programs with snakes and turtles to water conservation, stream testing and river tire clean-ups, we encourage all members of our community to be involved.  Out of Control Wildlife/Tri-State Wildlife Management  can assist you in getting your backyard certified as a wildlife habitat and/or spend a lazy day canoeing or kayaking down the beautify Licking River where endangered freshwater mussels are abundant in these protected waters.

We are strong supporters of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources and The National Wildlife Federation. We encourage and empower our community to protect wildlife and our environment.


Snakes and Turtles

Investigate a few interesting facts and fictions of some of the awesome snakes and turtles native to the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati Area.

Get to know their unique personalities up close and in person.

Turtle Races

Turtle Races are a blast. These guys and gals aren?t afraid of a little cheering as they compete in different categories!

Turtle Feeding

There are always bullies in the bunch when it comes to feeding time! Turtle feeding might be a little messy…………. but it is worth the show!

Snake Feeding

Snake feeding demands a little more quiet and self-control from the participants, but will hold the attention of most 2-3 year olds on up to parents and grandparents. Awesome for school age kids.

Feet, Feather & Furs

Get to know some of the fur bearers and other critters native to Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati.

Feet, Feathers & Furs is a hands-on, action packed introduction to learning a little something about wildlife management and why it is so important to our environment.

This program is a fun and informative approach to ask ourselves why we hunt and trap, and why it is such a good idea.

Turkey Tails

Who’s Tom and what’s a Jake? Learn the characteristics of Tom, Jake, and Mother hen. Sit back and enjoy the show as volunteers from the group help us learn about the bird that Ben Franklin wanted as our National Bird.


Archery for  the very beginner. FUN for all AGES.

It does not matter if you are a group of five year olds with your parent’s guidance, lower or upper primary youth, teens, or adults who just want to give archery a try. Satisfy your curiosity or decide if you want to pursue archery as a sport.

Anyone can learn archery in a safe, comfortable atmosphere by a certified instructor.

Maximum number of participants and length of program will vary according to age groups.

Additional Information

Additional Outdoor Adventures and Wildlife Programs are available upon request.

Snakes and Turtles, Feet, Feathers and Furs, Turtle Feeding, Turtle Races, Turkey Tails will have a maximum of 25 participants and can be mixed and  matched to last approximately 45 minutes each.

Each participant will need to have soap and water available to wash hands after handling live animals. Kids need to be supervised to ensure proper hand washing.


Comments from the Classroom

“Vikki’s programs offer experiential learning that allows the students to walk away excited about nature rather than afraid or unaware of it. The solid information sticks with the kids and provides good memories.”

-Donna Heim

Mother of Seven

Theology Teacher and

Campus Minister Bishop

Brossart High School


“An amazing lady with an amazing program. Vikki’s enthusiasm is contagious!”

-Pat Brownfield

6th, 7th, 8th Grades Special

Needs Science

Phillip A. Sharp Middle School


“Vikki Rawe’s educational programs are examples of the hands-on programs our students need.  She brings enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge to the classroom”

-Reeda Hart

2002 Kentucky Elementary

Teacher of the Year


“The Out of Control Wildlife Programs create an interactive environment between nature and the students. These programs make real world connections using math, science and vocational studies.”

-Kim Snowball

8th Grade Math

Campbell County Middle School

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