Q: I hear animal noises coming from my ceiling. Can Tri-State Wildlife Management get rid of them?

A: Yes. Our experienced technicians can go to your home, give an inspection and present a permanent solution.

Q: I am a city manager who has had many complaints about coyotes; do you offer a coyote management plan?

A. Yes. Urban coyote situations require specific expertise that only Tri-State Wildlife Management  personnel provide to the Greater Cincinnati Tri-State Area.

Q: I hear scratching noises coming from my fireplace. Can you help me?

A. Yes. The staff at Tri-State Wildlife Management  has the knowledge and expertise to remove the animal(s) and exclude them permanently.

Q: There is a hole burrowed under my sidewalk and front porch. Should I fill it in?

A: No. There could be a skunk, opossum groundhog or even a raccoon under there. The animal must be excluded before filling in the hole.

Q: I have had ongoing problems with squirrels getting into my attic. Is there a permanent solution for this?

A: Yes.  Tri-State Wildlife Management will remove the squirrels, repair the entry and keep them out for good.

Q: Will an animal living in my attic cause significant property damage?

A: Yes. Squirrels chew on electrical wiring. Raccoons make many” latrines” and create a foul odor from their droppings as well as creating a health hazard. Raccoon urine can cause leaks onto ceilings and walls. Bats present a problem when they enter into living spaces with humans or when their urine and droppings (guano) accumulate causing health hazards. Birds carry many parasites and create an environment conducive to other wildlife.

Q: How do I know if I am hiring someone that knows what they are doing and can solve my problem ?

A: You can find information about Certified Wildlife Control Professionals here: How to hire a wildlife control company