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Groundhog Removal

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Although pastures and open fields are favorite areas for groundhogs to den, it is not uncommon for them to burrow in urban areas under or alongside the foundation of houses and buildings.  The main entrance to their burrow is evident by the pile of soft, powdery dirt next to the entrance. Secondary entrances are sometimes difficult to locate because they lack this pile of dirt. Each opening is about 10 inches in diameter. The groundhog’s range is surprisingly close, averaging 50-150 feet from its den.  However, males may travel long distances while looking for a mate, and these males have even been seen traveling at night.

Groundhogs become a nuisance when they excavate next to foundations or under buildings.  Their eating habits do not typically conflict with humans; however, gnawing on underground power cables or electric lines causes power outages.  The only way homeowners can discourage groundhogs from digging in their yard is to trap and remove all groundhogs in the area.

Groundhogs are found throughout much of the eastern portion of the United States, most of Canada and into Alaska.  They enjoy activity during the day, especially warm, sunny afternoons in the spring and fall.  They can often be found sunning themselves in an open field, or on a wall or fence.  The groundhog has a solid, stocky body and very strong legs.  Its front feet have long claws suited for digging burrows.  Its fur is very coarse, and mostly brown in color.  The groundhog is a member of the squirrel family; however, unlike squirrels, groundhogs fall into a deep state of hibernation during the winter months. Because groundhogs’ eyes, ears, and nose are located toward the top of their head, they can check for danger while remaining in their burrow. Groundhogs are herbivores and favorite foods are grasses (especially alfalfa and clover), vegetables and fruit. They enjoy feeding in the early morning and late afternoon.

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