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Repair, Restoration, and Prevention

Tri-State Wildlife Management – Protecting You, Your Property, and Your Investment

Beyond Capture

Tri-State Wildlife Management is a full service company. Tri-State Wildlife Management has a full-time carpenter on staff to meet the repair and/or restoration needs of any job.

Our staff understands the burden and mess associated with having wild animals invading your home, business, or green space. Once we remove the animal, don’t worry about having to call another contractor to assist you with the cleanup or repair.  Tri-State Wildlife Management offers full cleanups to rid your home or business of disease infested feces and debris brought in by Bats, Birds, Raccoons, and more.  In addition our company policy is to provide an animal proof, esthetically pleasing repair. Many repairs are done with metal to keep any new violator out! Oftentimes Tri-State Wildlife Management does restoration on historical buildings and repairs for other wildlife companies. Our technicians are also experts at excluding and preventing animals from burrowing under porches, sidewalks, sheds, and more. We exclude and repair beyond the structure!

Prevention is only as good as the repair and the educated customer. We pride ourselves in doing our job right and leaving our customers with the peace of mind in knowing that they are in qualified hands. Contact us today for an estimate.

Tri-State Wildlife Management is fully insured, and we stand behind all of our work.

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