Skunk Removal

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Are skunks burrowing under your porch, sidewalk or shed? Surprisingly enough these animals can go a long time without being detected, but once they make themselves known, they sure do raise a stink. Tri-State Wildlife Management is the solution to getting rid your foul-smelling neighbor.  Give us a call today.

At Tri-State Wildlife Management, we offer complete removal, clean-up and deodorization of buildings and materials that have been contaminated or damaged by skunks. We also go a step further by offering repair and prevention services. We offer a long term solution to your skunk issues, including habitat alteration and customer education.

The striped skunk Mephitis is about the size of a cat, but has a stout body, a rather small head, short legs, and a bushy tail. The skunk has long, straight claws for digging out burrows and ripping apart old logs for grubs and larvae. It moves slowly and deliberately and depends for safety not on running away or on remaining inconspicuous, but on its scent glands.

Skunks have well-developed scent glands and a musky odor. The skunk is outstanding for this characteristic and can discharge a bad smelling fluid to defend itself. Indeed its scientific name, Mephitis, is a Latin word meaning bad odor.

To have your skunk problem taken care of sooner rather than later, call us today! Put our experience and expertise to work for you!

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