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Snake Removal

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Snake Removal

Snakes enter houses, barns and other buildings when habitat conditions are suitable inside the buildings. They are attracted to rodents and insects as well as cool, damp, dark areas often associated with buildings.

Snakes are specialized animals, having elongated bodies and no legs. They have no ears, externally or internally, and no eyelids. Snakes have a long forked tongue which helps them smell. The jaws are loosely connected so the snake can swallow food much larger than its head. Because snakes are cold-blooded and not very active, one meal may last them several days or weeks. Also, because they are cold-blooded, they may hibernate during cold weather months or estivate during hot summer months. Some snakes lay eggs while others have live births.

Nonvenomous snakes are harmless to humans. In most cases, a snake will slither away when approached if it feels it can reach safety. Most snakes react only when cornered. A nonvenomous snake bite has no venom and can do no more harm than frighten the victim.

Snakes are one of the most feared animals on the planet. Most people shudder at the very thought of a snake. Tri-State Wildlife Management is here to ease the tension and take care of the removal process for the home or business owner.

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