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Risk of Rabies in Bats

May 11th, 2017

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If a bat has entered the living space of your home, know the risk of rabies in bats, and how to safeguard your family.

The good of having bats around is outweighed by the bad if they decide to roost in your attic or enter your home. Bats are more likely to enter the living space of your home if they are roosting in your attic. As they are prominent carriers of rabies, this is a problem that should be addressed. If there is any chance at all that a bat bit someone, precautions must be taken. If the bat is caught without damage to its head, it can be tested for rabies.

FOX 19 recently covered a story in which a bat tested positive for rabies in Clermont County, Ohio. The bat was found by a child outside of a home, and thankfully, no one was bitten. “Anytime there is suspected contact, the animal is brought in for testing if it can be captured,” said Clermont County Public Health spokesperson Keith Robinson. It is important to test the bat for rabies if there is any chance at all of a bite, because once rabies symptoms begin, it is fatal. Prompt diagnosis allows for bite victims to receive life-saving shots. It is important to vaccinate pets against rabies, as they are far more likely to contract it from a wild animal, such as a raccoon, bat, etc.

Most humans are not in contact with wild animals that are potentially rabid, so a human vaccine is not common. If a bat happens to enter the living space of your home, the health of your household needs to be taken seriously. Bat bites can go easily undetected. If the bat had potential access to any sleeping person, child, a person with sensory or mental impairment, or anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then the bat should be tested. If the bat is not caught, or if its head is injured beyond testing capability, then rabies shots should be administered in a timely manner, before symptoms can set in.

Unfortunately, rabid wild animals are not so uncommon. Ohio reported 41 rabies cases in 2016, 36 of which were in bats, and 5 in raccoons. More information can be found at

In order to prevent these unsanitary, unsafe conditions, bat should be permanently removed and excluded. Call Tri-State Wildlife Management today to set up an inspection appointment (859) 635-0037

Bat Removal Cincinnati, OH

April 17th, 2017

Do you have bats in your attic? To rid your home of bats for good, call Tri-State Wildlife Management. Put our experience and expertise to work for you! (859) 635-0037

Bat Removal Kenton County, KY

Bat Removal in Cincinnati, OH: Bats often take advantage of the comfort of attics and chimneys, no matter the season. Crevices and attics of homes make perfect roost sites in the spring, summer, and fall, and hibernation spots in the winter. In the warm months when bats are active, attics are used as roost sites, and maternity colonies for females (and their young when they are born). This maternity colony is made up of generations of bats that return to the same site year after year, so each year, a maternity colony grows larger.

The window of opportunity for bat exclusion is rapidly closing; however, right now is the perfect time to fully exclude bats from your attic, before adult females have their pups.  When pups are born, full bat exclusion is put on hold until they are able to fly. Fortunately, Tri-State Wildlife Management has the experience and expertise to perform preliminary bat exclusion work even after young are born. However, once pups are born, full exclusion must wait until all juveniles can fly.

Spring is the perfect time to remove and exclude bats from your home or business, since pups have not been born. Tri-State Wildlife Management (TSWM) uses special vents for the bat removal process which allow bats to leave your attic as normal to hunt while prohibiting reentry. After all bats have left your attic, permanent repairs are made to seal entry and exit points.

Bats are great mammals to have around. If you’ve ever observed a bat feeding at twilight, you already know why – they eat a variety of flying insects, including mosquitoes. Despite the advantages of having bats around, there are many serious disadvantages to having them in your home. First, they can create significant damage to structures. Bats create foul latrines, made up of both guano and urine that cause a horrible odor, soil insulation, and can weaken the structure. When entering and exiting a structure, bats defecate, leaving staining along the home. In addition, they leave black, oily rub marks at entries.

Bats also pose health/hygiene concerns including rabies, histoplasmosis, and bat bugs. When bats transmit rabies, it is most typically through a bite. If bitten, the bat should always be tested if it can be caught. If the bat is not caught, or if it tests positive for rabies, rabies shots must be taken. Without treatment, rabies ends in death. Sometimes a bat is found in the living space of a home. If the bat had access to children or anyone who may not know/may not be able to communicate that they’ve been bitten, rabies shots are encouraged. Although the most serious, rabies is not the most common threat that bats pose. Histoplasmosis is a common lung disease caused by a fungus that grows on guano. It is important to always wear the proper protective gear when in the same vicinity as bat guano, as the fungus is easily disturbed. Although bat bugs pose no serious health threat, just like bed bugs, they are a parasitic nuisance to be avoided.

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Bat Removal Cincinnati, OH The technicians of Tri-State Wildlife Management are Bat Standards Certified through the National Wildlife Control Operators Association.

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