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Bat Removal and Repair Kenton County

October 10th, 2017

Bat Removal and Repair Kenton County – BATS: Brought to you by Tri-State Wildlife Management Kenton County’s Experts in Bat Removal, Exclusion, and Repair (859) 635-0037

Bat Removal and Repair Kenton County – Bats Series Part 3: Damage and Damage Identification Tri-State Wildlife Management continues to receive many calls from people in the Tri-State area who are realizing bats are taking up residence in their home or business. This is also the time of year when the technicians at TSWM are able to exclude bats, repair damages, and prevent re-entry on homes and other structures.

Damage and Damage Identification Bats become a nuisance when they roost in large numbers in houses and businesses. Despite their usefulness, discovering or even suspecting bats living in your home or business is unsettling. Two common bat problems in the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky area include a solitary bat accidentally entering the living space of a structure and bats roosting in the attics or chimneys of homes or building. Signs that bats may be living in a structure include seeing bats going in/out of the building, and the presence of bat droppings (guano).

Bat Removal 41011 Covington, KY

Bat Guano on Roof

TSWM also offers full and partial attic cleanouts. TSWM employees are trained in safe and effective methods of removing bat guano and contaminated insulation. Due to the risk of exposure to diseases such as histoplasmosis, proper protective gear and equipment is vital to a safe and effective cleanout. TSWM is committed to working with home and business owners to eradicate their nuisance wildlife issue.

For more information please see the previous 2 posts in our bat series – Synopsis and Biology, and Disease

Bat Removal and Repair Kenton County – For Bat Removal and Exclusion Services Northern Kentucky, call Tri-State Wildlife Management at (859) 635-0037.

Newport, KY Bat Removal (41071)

February 10th, 2015

For bat removal in Newport, KY (41071) or anywhere in Northern KY, Cincinnati, or Southeast IN, call Tri-State Wildlife Management at (859) 635-0037

Bats Tri-State Wildlife Management

Tri-State Wildlife Management – Protecting You, Your Property, and Your Investment

Newport, KY Bat Removal (41071): In the Newport, KY area, bats typically hibernate the winter long, the exception being warmer winter days, when you may spot a bat(s) outside. Bats often take advantage of the comfort of attics and chimneys, both in the winter and the summer. Crevices of homes make perfect hibernation spots in the winter and maternity colonies or roost sites in the summer. With spring right around the corner, now is the time to begin thinking about taking care of any bat issues you have had in the past. If you had a bat problem last year, you will have one again this year.

Springtime is a good time to remove and exclude bats from your home or business – bats will be out of hibernation, but juveniles will not be born until May. Juveniles may be born as late as July.  Once May comes around with the potential for young, full bat exclusion falls into a blackout period. During this time, construction gaps and secondary entries can be repaired on structures, but it is important to always keep a main entry open for bats to fly in and out. Even if you think you’re sure all bats are out, juveniles too young to fly can still be present in the structure. Sealing them in is both a major legal and ethical issue, as well as a smelly one for homeowners. Total bat exclusion can restart again usually in mid to late August, but the date fluctuates from year to year. Tri-State Wildlife Management always checks with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources bat biologist before starting full bat exclusion in the late summer/early fall.

Bats are great mammals to have around. If you’ve ever observed a bat feeding at twilight, you already know why – they eat a variety of flying insects, including mosquitoes. Despite the advantages of having bats around, there are many serious disadvantages to having them in your home. First, they can create significant damage to structures. Bats create foul latrines, made up of both guano and urine that cause a horrible odor, soil insulation, and can weaken the structure. When entering and exiting a structure, bats defecate, leaving staining along the home. In addition, they leave black, oily rub marks at entries.

Bats also pose health/hygiene concerns including rabies, histoplasmosis, and bat bugs. When bats transmit rabies, it is most typically through a bite. If bitten, the bat should always be tested if it can be caught. If the bat is not caught, or if it tests positive for rabies, rabies shots must be taken. Without treatment, rabies ends in death. Sometimes a bat is found in the living space of a home. If the bat had access to children or anyone who may not know/may not be able to communicate that they’ve been bitten, rabies shots are encouraged. Although the most serious, rabies is not the most common threat that bats pose. Histoplasmosis is a common lung disease caused by a fungus that grows on guano. It is important to always wear the proper protective gear when in the same vicinity as bat guano, as the fungus is easily disturbed. Although bat bugs pose no serious health threat, just like bed bugs, they are a parasitic nuisance that nobody wants to live with.

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For bat removal in Newport, KY (41071) or anywhere in Northern KY, Cincinnati, or Southeast IN, call Tri-State Wildlife Management at (859) 635-0037

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