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Raccoons Keeping Warm in Your Chimney Or Attic

November 27th, 2018

Old man winter has decided to make an early appearance in the Tri State leaving us blanketed in an unexpected coat of fresh snow. Although, we may have been caught a little off guard, local wildlife has been scouting out their winter bungalow for weeks. You could very well be unknowingly hosting winter house guests. Could you possibly have squirrels and raccoons keeping warm in your chimney or attic. Often time local animals take advantage of loose or damaged soffit areas or uncapped chimneys to find a winter home. A nice insulated attic is much more appealing than a hollowed out tree. In addition, these housing arrangements provide easy access to a continued food source in the form of unsecured garbage cans, and cat and dog food left unattended by outdoor pets.

ice on roof and gutters

If you hear noises coming from above, know that it is too early for a visit from Santa, and that it could be squirrels or raccoon keeping warm in your chimney or attic. Tri-State Wildlife, in experienced in handling all of your wildlife problems. In addition to trapping the animals, Tri-State Wildlife provides individualized repairs which also includes chimney capping. If you feel that your home might be vulnerable to wildlife intrusion we can also be of assistance, identifying and repairing areas of potential entry.

Free up room for Santa in that chimney and give Tri-State Wildlife a call today. 859-635-0037. Serving Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati Area.

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